In the Mangrove forests of the Philippines students take yellow school boats to class. The boats, which were donated by a non-profit, save the students hours of swimming and wading through swampy waters. No more excuses for damp homework!
 Bicycles are a fairly common way to get to school, when I was a kid my brother and I often road the few miles to class each morning. But in India bike commuting is taken to the next level with large bike-rickshaws peddling students from their homes to schools.
 In a small mountain village in Colombia students zip line to a school house on a neighboring mountain. The zip line which is about half a mile long and hangs about 800ft above the jungle below saves students the two hour hike across the valley and up the neighboring mountain. Younger students, who aren’t yet big enough for the harnesses, are attached to their siblings to make the journey inside a burlap sack.
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