Every day students around the world make their way to school. For some that’s just walking a couple of blocks or hoping on a bus, but for many many more the commute to school is an adventure in itself. In this ongoing series I aim to capture the energy, commitment, and chaos of the unconventional school run.



In India students bring a whole new meaning to biking to school with large bike rickshaws that carry throngs of students from their homes to their classrooms.



In the Mangrove forests of the Philippines students trade a yellow school bus for a yellow boat. Prior to the donation of these school boats students swam or waded through swampy waters each day. No more excuses for damp homework!



If you’re a student from one Columbian mountain village your journey to school involves a speedy trip on a half mile long zip line. The zip line, which hangs 800ft above the jungle valley below, saves students from a two hour hike. Younger students who aren’t quiet big enough for the harnesses required to ride, are attached to their older siblings in burlap sacks.