Fierce Females

This personal passion project showcases the badass women who shaped history. Stay tuned for more additions!


Joan of arc

Joan of Arc: from illiterate peasant to sainthood in 19 short years! Did you know that the technical reason for Joan’s execution was a biblical wardrobe law forbidding cross dressing, which Joan did in order to remain conspicuous as she lead her troops into battle?!

the trang sisters

The Vietnamese heroines the Trung Sisters lead a group of female generals and their 8,000 troops in an uprising against Chinese occupation. They went on to rule as Queens, holding off foreign attacks for three years. Historians believe that the story of the Trung sisters indicates that Vietnam, unlike it’s neighbors, was once a matriarchal society where there were few women commonly held leadership roles.


Sojourner TRUTH

Sojourner Truth; abolitionist, women’s rights activist, and author. The work that Truth did in her prolific life laid the groundwork for advances in civil liberties.


Ada Lovelace

Ada lovelace is known as the first computer programer. Born into the rocky marriage of English poet Lord Byron and his wife Anna Isabella, Ada’s educational track was a happy by product of her parent’s distaste for one another. In an attempt to ensure that her child didn’t end up “moody and insane” as her poet father was, Ada’s mother pushed her to study mathematics and logic. This work eventually led her to friendship with British mathematician Charles Baggage and his work on the “Analytical Engine” that would become the first computer. While Ada worked to translate an article written about Babbage’s machine, she supplemented it with extensive notes that many consider to be the first computer program. Today the United States Department of Defense uses a computer language named for Ada.